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Episode 46 - A Database that survives anything with Cockroach Labs Spencer Kimball

Episode Summary

Spencer Kimball is simply incredible. He started programming after watching War Games, in college he was sick of using awful xwindows photo editors so he co-created GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). He was one of the lead developers for the successor to Larry Page and Sergey Brin' GoogleFS called Colossus, He created a manifesto with fellow engineers around how to do things better. He and his 2 other partners created Cockroach Labs based on this manifesto and CockroachDB a cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters (thus the name) The man forgot more about scalable, resilient, and multi cloud datastores then we will ever know. Stick around for this whole interview to learn from someone who will blow your mind with all of his knowledge on distributed databases. In this POPCAST, Spencer takes the time to discuss his journey, his creations, and his company Cockroach Labs.

Episode Notes

00:00 - 5 Days of POPCAST's Intro
00:56 - Spencer Kimball Intro/Journey
03:22 - UC Berkeley
05:22 - Creating the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) / the First Manifesto
11:05 - The Google Years / Colossus
17:44 - Sponsor 1 - Sysdig -
20 :22 - Leaving Google
23:20 - Creating Cockroach and the manifesto
25:07 - Sponsor 2 - Code Fresh -
27:02- Kelsey Hightower on Cockroach and Cockroachs di
28:10 - Why do i need Cockroach?
43:39 - CockroachCloud
49:00 - Cockroach's Licensing -- Business Source License (BSL)
56:10 - What does Spencer do in his down time?
57:02 - What work is Spencer most proud of?

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