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Episode 45 - The Godfather of Red Hat Openshift Clayton Coleman

Episode Summary

On this special Kubecon 2020 NA 5 Days of POPCASTS, one of the first external contributors to Kubernetes, the Godfather of Openshift Clayton Coleman. Clayton talks early Kubernetes, helping to build the community. how people contribute. differences between kubernetes and openshift and how he's itching to get back to coding full time and his crystal ball on whats coming for Kubernetes AND Red Hat Openshift.

Episode Notes

00:00 - 5 Days of POPCAST's Intro
00:55 - Sponsor 1 - Cockroach Labs - (Free T-Shirt?)
01:50 - Intro to the Godfather of Openshift Clayton Coleman
03:22 - Clayton's Journey
05:55 - Community and understanding what community contribution is from the beginning of Kubernetes
08:31 - Early Redhat and Openshift
13:24 - Sponsor 2- Sysdig -
14:45 - Docker and its impact and AUFS work from Redhat / Early stages of Kubernetes
23:52 - Differences between Kubernetes and Openshift, Clayton gives his perspective on it.
28:38 - Sponsor 3 - Carbon Relay -
29:41 - CoreOS acquisition and the due diligence
37:45 - Clayton's Crystal Ball for Openshift AND Kubernetes (predictions)
50:33 - Clayton's pastimes, sleeping and surfing!
51:41 - What work Clayton is most proud of

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